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Matt Goldman
Interview by Raluca State
Photography by Isaac Sterling

“I actually really love to drive.” The seemingly never-ending grid of Los Angeles streets are not a passionate point for most typical Angelenos. But Matthew Goldman isn’t your typical Angeleno.

Co-founder and creative director of A-Ok Collective, Goldman has long had his pulse on the city of angels’ heartbeat (he’s an LA native…a rare species) and has turned his personal experience, style and creative vision into a thriving business in his hometown and far beyond. He and his team work with brands in fashion, design, art, music and more – think Samsung, Ace Hotels, SKYY Vodka and many more – to create experiential events that bring people and culture together, online and off, and engage them in a way that is creative, relevant and authentic. It’s their inspired approach to modern-day marketing; events, design and technology that keeps them one step ahead of the pack and keeps Goldman more than content in the driver’s seat.

What does the title “Creative Director” mean to you, personally? How do you define that role?
I think the title varies according to the company. When I was at a design company it was a different endeavor than at an experiential agency. Design is everywhere and permeates most decisions in our company and the creative director is ultimately the person with a creative background helping make decisions that drive the company and our work.

Modern home, work and life – what defines each one for you?
Home is comfort, love, and personal time. Work is means, achievement, and contribution.
Life is the balance between home and work and hopefully it’ s fun.

How does being in Los Angeles influence your career?
The pace of Los Angeles leaves something to be desired sometimes but the consistent level of comfort is a wonderful thing to have. I think you can find pros and cons anywhere and one’s outlook has more to do with how environment and everything else affects you personally. But I would say that LA’s pros outweigh its cons and I’m happy that more and more industry, talent and everything else is coming to enjoy our mild, perpetually perfect climate.

What’s coming up next for A-Ok?
We’re working on a series at The (newly renovated) Standard hotel in downtown LA, a bunch of projects for School Night and a nice series of client-based projects. We’re working more and more on film marketing projects, which have been, fun and we’re also excited about some tech projects on the horizon!

Describe your personal style in three words.
Conviction versus influence.